“While a garage rock band at heart, Wild Fruit can also sound like the missing link between the Cramps and Big Black, or a mash-up of Sonic Youth and Beat Happening. … a scuzzy rodeo with some of the most angular guitars you will hear all year”. Rohan Mahadevan DC-ist

“goth-tinged garage-rock romps …The music possesses a lightly-zonked, outsider feel mildly reminiscent of Butch Willis and The Rocks, for those who remember.” Dischord

“Barn Burner,” the opening track from Wild Fruit’s new 7-inch. The song—a remastered version of a tune originally released in 2012—gets a charge from its fuzzy guitars and a throbbing bass line, but it’s Franck Cordes‘ snarling vocals that’ll push your hair back. When Cordes sings, “I’ve been around long enough to know you can’t trust a man who claims he’s a saint,” he sounds like a bourbon-slamming soothsayer. The punk-rock production values match the vocalist’s seething disgust. Alan Zilberman City Paper